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Who We Are

The Depression Grand Challenge is an administrative department under the UCLA Office of Research and Creative Activities. Our director reports also to Chancellor Gene Block, who receives guidance from a DGC Chancellor’s Advisory Committee. Our research and administrative team includes more than 150 faculty and staff from across the university. We also receive advice and support from our Leadership Council, comprised of university and community leaders, and other advisor and stakeholder committees (see Our Advisors).

Executive Committee

Nelson Freimer, a man with short dark hair and glasses, sits at a university office desk.

Nelson Freimer


Michelle Craske, a woman with short dark hair and a bright blue jacket, smiles at a university desk.

Michelle Craske


Jonathan Flint leans his head on his hand. He has light skin, gray hair, glasses, and is wearing a gray suit.

Jonathan Flint


Michelle Popowitz, a woman with long, straight brown hair, smiles for a portrait.

Michelle Popowitz

Executive Director 

Chancellor's Advisory Committee

Chancellor Block, a man with short silver hair, smiles for a portrait.

Gene Block


Roger Wakimoto, an East Asian man with silver hair, smiles in front of a bookcase.

Roger Wakimoto

Vice Chancellor, Research & Creative Activities

John Mazziotta, a man with light skin and silver hair, smiles in a suit.

John Mazziotta

Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences

Monroe Gorden, a Black man with short hair and a mustache, smiles for a portrait.

Monroe Gorden

Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Core Staff & Trainees

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Affiliated Faculty

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