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Our 4-Step Playbook

High‐risk, high‐reward efforts are difficult to organize and support through traditional university means; we operate with a 4-step playbook to realize transformational impact.

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Recruit the world’s leading scientists to lead projects and build teams. 

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Establish operational infrastructure and execute pilot studies, demonstrating feasibility, building capacity and reducing risk.

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Scale up projects that show promise to deliver groundbreaking results. 

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Identify or develop foothold for new approaches and research findings to transform the field. 

Since our inception, the Depression Grand Challenge has pioneered this innovative approach for the large-scale, multifaceted research needs we envisioned. We engage world-class expertise and leadership to outline plans, we identify key capabilities necessary to carry out the required research, we build that capacity and invest in seed projects to test the viability of approaches and then secure funding from industry and government sponsors to conduct research projects at scale. All of these steps bring us closer to the goal of cutting the global burden of depression in half by 2050.

Below we share a selection of our unique assets and operational capabilities that position us for transformational impact.

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Capabilities & Infrastructure

  • UCLA Depression Research Registry Read the fact sheet
  • STAND Content & Platform Read the fact sheet
  • Digital assessment & data analytics infrastructure & expertise demonstrated in various research projects
  • Large clinical study management expertise from the Digital Mental Health Study
  • Administrative expertise navigating UCLA Demonstrated in our timeline