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DGC STAND for All featured by Mental Health Coalition as top resource for college students

  • August 21, 2023

The UCLA Depression Grand Challenge STAND for All program has been featured by the Mental Health Coalition as a top resource for college students in its inaugural College Student Mental Health Toolkit. The MHC designed and launched the toolkit for the start of the 2023 school year to equip college students with reliable resources, services and support needed to thrive as they transition into adult life.

UCLA STAND for All is a free, confidential, self-guided, web-based program that leverages evidence-based skills and strategies in a digital format to address common mental health needs and concerns. The content was originally developed with college students in mind. Users can set the pace and choose the mental health areas they want to address including low mood, anxiety and worry, poor sleep, panic and social situations. Anyone can sign up for STAND for All at the UCLA site. Registrants can also request coaching sessions with certified STAND coaches to review content and help use the tools.

“We are pleased to have the Mental Health Coalition share STAND for All with more students as a part of its 2023 college toolkit,” said Depression Grand Challenge Executive Director Michelle Popowitz.

The program, open to all, lets individuals decide what skills and strategies they want to learn to address common issues like low mood, worry, poor sleep, panic and discomfort with others. The STAND for All lessons were developed under the leadership of UCLA Distinguished Professor of Psychology Michelle Craske, as part of the DGC’s STAND program (Screening and Treatment for Anxiety and Depression), an all-in-one, end-to-end gold-standard system of care which includes screening, triaging treatment, and ongoing monitoring of mood and symptoms.

“STAND for All leverages the content that serves as the backbone for the digital mental health services provided under the broader STAND system of care (Tier 2 services). We are grateful to the donors who funded the creation of the STAND content library, the platform and our  various implementations. It is due to their generosity that we have been able to pick and choose which  components of the STAND system of care are used in various implementations, in support of our strategic priority to provide access to reliable and effective treatment resources for all communities who need them,” Popowitz said.

The College Mental Health Toolkit is the latest in a host of community mental health guides produced by MHC, which serves to catalyze likeminded communities to work together to destigmatize mental health and empower access to vital resources and necessary support for all. The UCLA Depression Grand Challenge has been a member of the MHC since 2020.

View the MHC College Student Mental Health Toolkit.