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Current treatments, while lifesaving for many, fall short for many others. They are neither personalized nor targeted to underlying biological processes. This is likely why they work for only half of those who receive them. This treatment failure rate is a significant contributing factor to the burden of depression on health and wellbeing. We are focused on developing new psychological, biological and other treatments targeted at types of depression.

STAND at ELAC Research Program

Funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, UCLA (led by faculty Michelle Craske and Kate Taylor) is conducting a series of research projects at East Los Angeles College to optimize the effectiveness and implementation of STAND in a traditionally underserved community college student population. These research projects are part of the STAND ALACRITY Center, which also has as part of its objectives, the exploration of pathways for sustainability and adoption of the STAND model in other community colleges.

Learn more at the STAND ALACRITY Center website

STAND for New & Pregnant Moms

PI: Craske

In an effort to understand more about depression experienced by pregnant and new moms, the STAND for New & Pregnant Moms study is focused on women who receive care at a UCLA OBGYN clinic and who are between week 28 of their pregnancy and 6 months postpartum.

Learn more about the study