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Michelle Craske, NBA player Kevin Love go live on Instagram to discuss mindfulness

UCLA Depression Grand Challenge (DGC) Co-Director Michelle Craske (psychology and psychiatry professor) joined Cleveland Cavaliers star and former UCLA standout Kevin Love for a conversation about mindfulness during an Instagram Live timed to coincide with Mental Health Month on May 15, 2020. They touched on topics such as:

  • Tips for practicing mindfulness
  • What research shows about mindfulness
  • How mindfulness may be used as a tool to manage anxiety and stress
  • How to encourage young adults to engage in mindfulness

Turning the conversation to young adults, Kevin asked Michelle how she might persuade this group to adopt a mindfulness practice. Michelle suggested emphasizing the positive aspects of mindfulness (i.e. what the person will gain) and the evidence that it works. In making this pitch, Michelle shared that  mindfulness can be used anywhere at any time and if practiced consistently, has been shown to  (1) help reduce anxiety, stress, and pain, (2)  improve sleep and concentration, and (3) even heighten productivity and efficiency.

During their conversation, Kevin shared his personal experience with the benefits of mindfulness, and in particular how important the practice has been for him the past few months during times of increasing uncertainty and loss.

Michelle and Kevin then talked briefly about the universal experience of anxiety and stress associated with COVID-19. Kevin asked Michelle about what UCLA is doing to help.  Michelle shared information about the 5 Cs and other segments of the UCLA COVID-19 Care Package, found at the STAND Together During COVID-19 website.

Michelle Craske and Kevin Love first met on Aug. 19, for an event called, Minds Matter: Raising the Curtain on Depression and Anxiety, hosted by UCLA Psychology and the Geffen Playhouse.  

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