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UCLA Depression Grand Challenge committed to serving LGBTQ community

In an effort to become more aware of LGBTQ identities and experiences, and to better serve LGBTQ individuals, the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge assessment team is receiving training on topics such as the social determinants of LGBTQ mental health. An important component of providing personalized treatment for depression is understanding the unique challenges certain groups face in regard to rates of mental illness and seeking treatment. For example, the risk of depression and anxiety is two times greater among LGBTQ individuals. In addition to that, LGBTQ individuals’ experiences of rejection and discrimination in healthcare are associated with medical mistrust and delays in seeking help. By better understanding how LGBTQ individuals may have unique mental health experiences, the DGC aims to improve its understanding of the complexity of depression as a whole and provide personalized treatment.

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The DGC offers free depression screening and treatment resources via the STAND Program to all UCLA students.

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