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UCLA featured in TIME article about approaches taken by college campuses to address mental health

In the article, “Record Numbers of College Students Are Seeking Treatment for Depression and Anxiety — But Schools Can’t Keep Up,” TIME showcases creative college campus approaches to addressing the ever-increasing student demand for mental health services. TIME featured university strategies include implementing digital counseling services, increasing funding to preexisting services, and upping the number of staff within counseling departments.

UCLA was among the campuses cited in the article for its recognition of the need to deliver better and faster services to campus communities, with the Depression Grand Challenge. The UCLA initiative invites students to participate in a mental health screening tool referred to as the Check In Survey, provides peer-to-peer counseling via the Resilience Peer Network, and delivers appropriate treatment based on the severity of students’ symptoms with an internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy program — all free of charge.

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*The individuals and program formerly referred to as Resilience Peers and Resilience Peer Network are now referred to as STAND coach trainees, certified STAND coaches and the STAND coaching program.